About Us

There's a huge online Paleo community - but how many Paleo/ Primal/ Crossfit friends do you have in real life?

Would you know if someone with similar interests lived a couple of blocks from you?

Whether you’re new to Paleo and want to make
new (local) friends
who share your outlook, want to find
friends to dine
with Paleo style, want a new
workout buddy,
are fed up with the very un-Paleo offerings on conventional
sites, want to meet other
Paleo families
for family outings or are going
out of town
and would love a Paleo night out whilst you're away - This is the site for you!

Married, single, in your twenties, in your eighties, fit, unfit, living in California, living in Peru, new to Paleo or an old hand – this is where you can meet real life new friends, with the same interest in all things Paleo/ Primal/ Cross Fit/ Ancestral Health as you.

I hate finding a great site, then finding out I have to pay for it. This site is therefore free; and will remain so.


I found Paleo a couple of years ago – and haven’t looked back! It’s changed my life in so many fabulous ways.

The only wish is that I had more Paleo friends. I have two local Paleo friends in the real world and a few overseas. That does not make much of a social circle!

After being fortunate enough to physically meet many of my online Paleo friends at a couple of recent Paleo events in California (at PrimalCon in April and most recently at the Ancestral Health Symposium in August) I quickly realised how wonderful it is to connect with this community in real life.

For example, dinning with Paleo friends is so much easier. There doesn’t even need to be a conversation about which restaurants & dishes are off limits. You don’t need to be the one to tell the waiter to take away the bread! You can spend the meal discussing your similar interests – instead of justifying why you didn’t order the pasta.

I’ve been exercising in Paleo style for a while now – whilst all of my non-Paleo, ”fit” friends are still pursuing their chronic cardio, not understanding why I do it differently. I hope to use this site to connect with a group of new fitness friends, who I can meet up with locally & regularly and perform our own WOD’s with!

I’d also like to use this site to find some local friends who can help me to find good quality, local ingredients – and hopefully learn some new dishes from each other. A bit like a Paleo book club!

When I'm working overseas or out of town, I'd love to be able to meet up with Paleo people to have a great local Paleo meal.

Finally, as a single female, I’ve wasted far too much time on online dating. Despite specifying what I’m looking for, I’ve spent so many evenings with so many dates who are as far from Paleo as can be. Smokers, drug-takers, three-times-a-day fast food addicts, low fat eaters, vegetarians and those for whom exercise is using the remote control (I’ve been on a lot of dates). I don’t want to go on another date like it – so I hope this site will enable me to exclusively date guys who “get” the whole Paleo thing.

I wonder how many Paleo people are living on my doorstep, just waiting to connect?